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#1326 - 8368 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC, Canada
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"Roasting and brewing with our hearts"

While more than 70% of the people in the world consume coffee each day
, we want people to enjoy great coffee that is healthy and great tasting. Freshness is the necessity that we serve. Coffee beans are roasted and sold within a month. Otherwise, coffee beans that are left for more than a month are removed.

We only carry Arabica beans (high-mountain coffee beans), except the wild Kopi Luwak which are Robusta beans. The difference between Arabica and Robusta is simple. Arabica is, as mentioned again, a high-mountain grown coffee bean which leads to harder maintenance and therefore holds a higher price than Robusta. The caffeine in Arabica is also 1/3 of the caffeine in Robusta beans. On the other side, Robusta is a coffee bean grown below 500 meters in altitude. Robusta beans are bigger in size and contain more caffeine than Arabica. Our espresso beans are mixed with Arabica beans and then given a dark roast.

Roasting coffee is perhaps one of the most important steps to creating the best tasting coffee. Different roasting results can determine the characteristics of a coffee bean. More importantly though is knowing what roasting levels would be best for different coffee beans. A lighter roast will lead to higher acidity. Medium roasts are the balance between acidity and richness. Darker roasts will lead to a chance of bitterness without acidity.

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