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#1326 - 8368 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC, Canada
Tel: 604-207-2589



We are an independent coffee shop with our own roaster, serving great coffee. With 100% Arabica beans (except the wild Kopi Luwak), we strive to achieve the excellent taste in coffee. So whether you're a coffee lover or someone looking to relax, we are happy to provide a nice atmosphere. We also have tasty desserts and savoury sandwiches to go along with coffee and tea!

Store Hours

Sunday - Thursday
1300 - 2000

Friday & Saturday
1300 - 2300

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Come try our new syphone coffee:



            Panama  Coffee

           From Panama Finca Hartmann

            $5.50 / Cup              $22.00 / lb.






~~ New Arrival ~~


          Geisha Coffee 


          From Panama Finca Santa Teresa


         $25.00 / Cup                $250.00 / lb.






Weekend Special,


         freshly baked Cannele

         $4.50 / ea.



Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee served with love. In order to be named Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, the coffee beans would be collected at high altitudes well over 1000 meters of the mountain. This extraordinary Arabica bean can be described as one with sweet flavors inside a rich body carrying a strong sensational aroma yet having low-acidity.

Kopi Luwak

Coffee berries are consumed by civets called the Asian Palm Civet which then the berries are digested through the civet's stomach while the coffee beans are not. This discovery led farmers to also realize that the civets created a special aroma within the coffee beans.

    Specialty Ice-Dripped Coffee 

Iced coffee extracted from melting ice-cubes.

A refreshing beverage to smoothen the day.

Ice-dripped coffee requires 48 hours to complete the  whole extraction process. Ice-cubes are filled on the top, leaving them to melt down into the 2nd container with the grinded coffee powder. Gradually,the cold water  extracts coffee through the powder, dripping down into the bottom container.